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clickforhope_melissa-31PINIMAGEMelissa Tang  

My cousin was busy planning her 2014 wedding when she asked me to not only design her wedding invitations, but to take her wedding photos. I graciously accepted the honor of designing her
invitations….that came easy to me as a graphic designer, but I wasn’t sure about taking pictures for a wedding. I insisted that she hire someone with experience. Although photography classes were my favorite during my time at UIC, I knew that the pictures taken  on your wedding day are the most important photos you’ll ever have. After doing some research on wedding photography she came back and asked me again. She believed in my creativity and talent. I accepted and asked my brother (Isai) to join me. It was a nerve wrecking day, and I’m sure there were times my hands were shaking. I am the type of person that doesn’t know how I feel about something until the project is complete, but that night I felt like I did something great. I received a text message from my cousin when the editing was done. She shared with me how emotional she got, and how happy she was to relive the excitement of her wedding day.  My greatest joy from creating, whether it is in design, cake decorating, or photography, is knowing it brings joy. That’s when I knew I needed to give photography a try as more then just a hobby.

I am a wife. I am so incredibly happy to be married to my husband Joe. I want to take photographs of a day, of a unity, that I feel so strongly about…love. I believe in love and I believe in marriage. It really is a blessing to experience that firsthand and to be able to capture it on camera for my brides. I  want to be more then just a photographer. I want to help you through this process and I want to support you during one of the most important times of your life! I can’t wait to meet you!

*Photo by Jazi Photo.

catherine-mike-northfork-farm-il-wedding0720PINIMAGEManuel Isai Alicea  

Capturing images has been a hobby throughout my life. My enthusiasm for photography developed into a passion in the streets of Chicago. As a street photographer, capturing fleeting moments in time became a compulsion. Adjusting the camera, moving about the crowd unseen while capturing the shot are skills that translate well to wedding photography. The main difference with wedding photography is that I am capturing the fleeting moments that tell the beginning of your story.

We look forward to connecting with our clients because, as Alfred Eisenstaedt said, “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

I am Melissa’s brother, Gabi’s husband & Lili’s father.

Our Wedding Photography Style

An article in the Knot recently said it all…

“Lifestyle Photography is photojournalism redefined.” says photographer Allan Zepeda. “It’s candid yet done so with some direction and styling- it has an apporachable feel and a relaxed result. A good photographer will look for moments but also set the scene”





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